Every year folks are getting wise to the benefits of relocalizing the Thanksgiving tradition...sorta like the original.

How much of your feast were you able to grow yourself? How much of it are you able to purchase locally? How much regionally? Join the discussion.

Happy Thanksgiving Fellow IthaCanners!

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I've got to sit down with the menu and get specific but it was created with priority to our foods and what we can get locally! Back for more (mmm 2nds...) :D
Told Mom this morning to figure out our shopping list, then realized, we may not need one! Venison stocked, veggies stocked or still growing, bread we can make may only come down to holiday libations! ;-)
I've found Thanksgiving to be more meaningful when I enrich with genuine thankfulness to nature and our local farmers, my self-satisfaction at having grown, purchased, frozen, dried, and canned enough food to hold us through until it's time to harvest again! : )

Thanks to my DH for fencing the property to keep out deer and for preparing a garden and holes for our new orchard, Meadowsweet Farm (beef and milk), Kestrel Perch Berry Farm, the Full Plate Collective, The Piggery, Windsong Farm (lamb), Silver Queen Farm (apples, strawberries), Greenstar for stocking local staples, and Agway for the organic feed for our chickens and gardening supplies. I've probably left someone out . . . But with a house full of good food, it isn't a challenge to offer a very locally produced meal.

Finally a big thanks to Katie, the IthaCan community, and all who are working toward a more sustainable local food economy and a livable world for all.
*clap clap clap clap*!!!
We are traveling but bringing our local food with us! Much of it we grew ourselves. We're even bringing several dozen eggs to share and a jar of sun-dried tomatoes. Last year we carted a fully dressed and cooked locally grown free-range turkey. Let me tell you, six hours in a car driving on Route 81 and smelling turkey is no small potatoes! Sadly, the crew in Pennsylvania prefer their "traditional" bird. So we will be traveling turkey-less and my plate will only be filled with squash, potatoes and cabbage salad! And we'll be thankful to be able to provide that bounty!
Absolutely - we got the basics from our CSA and related area farms!
Thank you Katie for starting and maintaining IthaCan - and happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Yes, thank you Katie for your amazing energy!
Hey guys, it takes a village! Creating and maintaining IthaCan, though sometimes it is a lot of work, has been fun and wouldn't have been possible without key assistance and support from the admin team: Seph Doliner, Alison Fromme and Carlyn Buckler...not to mention all the wonderful folks here who post their experiences regularly and host events. I'm thankful for this great community and my cheap digital camera which takes lovely photos without me having to read the manual!
I am still waiting for my intrepid note taker to arrive with the Thanksgiving menu but I would like to be grateful for fulfilling a promised farm-fare dinner for four with lamb stew (lamb courtesy of Katie!) and greens and slaw and appetizers and desserts all from the homestead. I have exactly 5 things on my list to buy to finish that meal, which is an amazing feat and I'm so pleased and proud.
Very cool Thanksgiving dinner menus, guys. I'm spending the holiday away with family, but will bring tomato pudding, carrot puff, pumpkin pie and apple pie whose major ingredients are from local or homegrown sources. I'll even be grinding Newfield wheat for the pie crusts. Then there's a few things like cranberry Wensleydale (special request from my mom), sugar, vanilla and canoloa oil I'll need, but aren't local. So we're not quite there yet.
Hey, even Pa Ingalls bought the girls an orange at Christmas time!
or vegetables were grown in our garden, well except for the celery and I don't have enough pototoes from the garden some some of those were purchased (grown in ny state but not sure where).

Turkey, I didn't even think about where. just focused on gluten free. although if I bought a fresh unbasted turkey locally raised that would have definately been gluten free. Any clue where riverside turkeys come from. they're always gluten free so I called around to see where they were being sold this year.



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