I've never canned applesauce before, and as I was looking at recipes, I noticed that they all require peeling the apples.  When I make applesauce to eat fresh, I always leave the skins on, so I'd like to be able to can it that way.  Are there any recipes for applesauce that leave the skins on?  Thanks.

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Easiest applesauce method ever is with a Roma mill. All you have to do is: wash apples, quarter, steam 10 min (until soft), put apples in mill and turn handle. Done. The skins and seeds come out one end and the sauce emerges through the built-in sieve down a shoot on the side. (See pic.) No peeling or coring! It's a food preserver's dream come true and a minor engineering miracle. You can borrow my Roma, if you want, Alison.
You've got all the good stuff Katie!!
I never peel or core the apples. I just use one of those wedge apple cutters, and throw it all in a pot to cook. I bought a food strainer last summer, and it was fast, but before that I would put the cooked apples in a cone-shaped colander and just mush it through with a wooden pestle. This is a piece of equipment I inherited from my mom, and is probably about 50 years old, but I have seen them from time to time at the salvation army. I takes a little longer because you have to clean the old skins and cores from the colander as they build up, but two years ago I canned 40 quarts with it. You are welcome to borrow either from me too. If you are not making much you could try a food mill too, but IMHO it is not as efficient.
P.S. Keeping the skins on gives beautifully colored applesauce, depending on variety used.
Thanks for the offers to loan equipment! I guess part of my question is whether or not it's safe to leave the skins on -- the mantra that goes something like "messing with canning recipes = food poisoning disaster" makes me worry about leaving the skins on. Any thoughts?
Okay, we need to define applesauce here, I think. Traditionally applesauce is cooked apples that you put through a mill sieve. The skins can't make it through the sieve -- whatever type of sieve you're using -- so there's no need to peel.

If you mean "applesauce" to be cooked apple wedges with skins intact, then that's different. Haven't ever seen a tested recipe for canned apple wedges where the skins are left on. So peeling is a must in this case.

If you like cooked apple wedges with the skins left on you can always freeze 'em.

Hope this helps!
The ball blue book has a spiced apple recipe for wedges with the skins on... you make them with Atomic Fireballs, yummy!
Hey CJ,

How old is your Blue Book? Mine has a 2005 copyright and the Apples Wedges in Cinnamon Syrup recipe begins: "Wash, core and peel apples."

A bunch of research was done in the late 1970's/early 1980's on home canning at the U of GA and it revised the USDA standards, so if you have an older Blue Book it might call for unpeeled apples. But it's best to follow the current guidelines which means, unfortunately, peeling the apples if you're planning on canning apple wedges.
Whoops, no, you're right, it says to peel. This "by the book" stuff is challenging for me, clearly.

Sorry to get your hopes up Alison!
That's too funny -- now you're telling me that I've been eating applesauce my whole life and I don't know what it is?! My version of applesauce (fresh, not canned) basically just involves cooking apples to mush and eating said mush, possibly with a few seasonings. Learn something new everyday :)
My thoughts would be that while sieving keeps peel and seeds out, it would do nothing to keep out any bad things. That said, I wouldn't go against the book either. The beautiful color I mentioned as an advantage to keeping the peels is somewhat dulled when processed, but when frozen, it retains all its glorious color, so maybe that could be a way to have your peels and save them too.



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